3D Printing - Marvellous Marketing Tool Waiting to be Discovered

3D Printing - Marvellous Marketing Tool Waiting to be Discovered

Contributing Writer: Atticus Cameron

Are you looking for a way to stand out from your competitors? Do you want a provocative marketing angle to help you become the 'top-of-mind' option for your business' niche? One option you might want to consider is integrating 3D printing into your overall business strategy. While purchasing your own 3D printer might not be a viable option, there are a number of platforms you can consider if you want to offer multi-dimensional products. Print a three-dimensional version of a customer's business logo as a gift to encourage loyalty to your company. Print your own magnets to use as promotional giveaways or social media prizes. Depending upon the wholesale cost of the products you carry, printing your own products to sell might be an option. Following are five companies you can explore for your printing needs:


Shapeways offers an incredible array of 3D printed products. Order anything from plastic dog tags to key chains and belt buckles. You can order art for your office walls or design a custom ring featuring your company's logo. Materials offered range from plastic to sandstone to silver. Use caution when discovering Shapeways as their product showcase can be hazardous to your time management plans.



Matter lets you upload a file of the item you want printed, choose your printing material, and track the production of your item. Current printing materials include brass, sterling silver, and coloured enamel. Matter plans to eventually let customers request 3D printed products in lacquered wood and glazed ceramics.



Pinshape is a cool option to explore if you're interested in integrating a variety of products into your marketing strategy. Offer anything from a multidimensional printed mini-robot to a sculpted figurine or piece of jewellery. How you incorporate 3D printed products into your company is only limited by your imagination.



MatterFab offers 3D printing for metal. Whether you need to design a metal casing for a product you're selling or you want to create a template for a product you've invented, MatterFab can help turn your idea into a reality.



If you decide you want to invest in a 3D printer for your business, FormLabs is an excellent option to consider. Compact and versatile, FormLabs' printer will have your custom printing shop up and running in short order. Resins, software, and finishing tools are all available to help you offer customization options to your customers.


The above-listed companies are just some of the options you can consider if you want to integrate multi-dimensional printing into your business strategy. Just imagine the attention your company's booth would attract at your next tradeshow if you were showing off your latest 3D printed gadgets. When other businesses in your niche are using the same marketing tools like Facebook and Twitter, it is essential to stand out from your competitors in a unique way. Becoming the first in your network to offer incredibly cool 3D printed products to your customers and clients might just be the 'stroke of genius' your business branding needs.