Turn Your Home Into a Co-Working Space

The Interview London Magazine Vrumi

Vrumi is a new ‘sharing economy’ service that specialises opening up amazing homes as inspiring workspaces during the day. The service helps hosts to earn money from the spaces that would have otherwise been idle, while guests save money on workspaces. But would you welcome strangers into your living room? 

We love the idea of working from home, we also love the idea of earning money while we.., make cups of tea and socialise! Yet, no mater how tempting it sounds, we have a few question about old good safety and security!

Wait a second, we should trust a stranger to look after our home for the whole day? What if he, she or they need to leave urgently, who locks the door?

The Vrumi community is formed of creatives, entrepreneurs and professionals, just like yourselves. All guests must complete the ID verification process. We check names and addresses on identity documents with official databases. Plus, once you’ve exchanged messages about the booking, they’re no longer a stranger, really. Of course, only you can decide if you trust them to lock your door in a hurry or not.

Can we host people while staying at home?

Definitely! In fact, some guests like sharing a space with their hosts. Our community have complete flexibility over their bookings. When listing your space, you can select your privacy setting -  either high, medium or low. It’s a great way of making extra income even if you work from home.

Somehow Airbnb seems safer – people come from other countries, they are as vulnerable as you are. What if anything gets stolen or damaged?

We’re the new kid on the block, so of course it’s natural to feel a bit cautious. Our guests and hosts come from the same tribe. They’re all innovative and forward-thinking - we’ve yet to have any problems. If something were to arise, we keep a record of all guests’ IDs and payment details. Some home insurance policies would also be able to cover for damages. We are also on the verge of launching our own insurance. Watch this space.

The idea was conceived by co-founder Roddy Campbell: “20 years ago, I was working from home and the chap next door to me would go out to work for the day and in would come a music teacher and a succession of students. It was infuriating, not for the noise, but the fact that my neighbour was earning money from something so simple. It also stayed with me that the teacher had a business he otherwise wouldn't have had.”  

Vrumi did an incredible job finding breath-taking living rooms we'd die to work from! Which one is your favourite? Find out more and perhaps even give it a go on vrumi's website