The Art of Peaceful Living: Two Lovely Gays

Inspiration special: we talk to creatives based all around the world about life, creative happenings and ask where do good ideas come from? 

Over the past few years, Two Lovely Gays, simplicity, elegance and functionality driven interior design studio, has taken our breath away. “We love people. People make stories. Stories create great interiors” – Jordan and Russell, married in life and in business, describe their work philosophy. We couldn’t agree more.

It’s a sunny January day, we cozy up on a huge and colourful couch and sink into a pleasant, yet a little challenging conversation.
What do you think makes a house home?
We believe everyone deserves a home to make them happy. By surrounding yourself with expressions of who you are you create an environment for growth and happiness! It should speak of your personality and not too show off to your neighbours.

A lot of interiors now look like they have been taken right from a pretty Pinterest picture. In the future, when we’ll look back at the current trends, what do you think we'll consider timeless design and what will remain a trend?

Our background as actors means that we are interested in studying people. Trends don't really drive our work. You will always find something far more interesting by rooting through a person’s collection and understanding them than by serving them up a series of trends.
If there was one interior object you couldn't live without, what would it be?

Jordan: Our Art collection. Art is so important to us...It sounds grand but it genuinely makes me happy each time I look at one of the paintings we have collected over the years. We probably only have 5 or 6 pieces so far, from paintings to ceramics. Our latest purchases are a beautiful over-painted print by Canadian artist Kris Knight and an amazing piece made from diamond dust by British artist Christian Furr...he was the youngest artist to ever be commissioned to paint the queen! It will be the centrepiece to our new master bedroom.

Russ: Paul the Horse… this is an antique Royal Dalton horse that iI brought on a whim for Jordan’s birthday. He is a white porcelain horse and has been broken a couple of times over his years with us and glued back together but that just makes me love him more and brings back happy memories!

 Where do you go to find new idea and see new things? How does the saying go - in life, like in art, everything is borrowed...?

The only way to be unique is to look within yourself! You are unique! We are all the sum of the things that have influenced us as we have grown, no two people will have the same mix of experiences. That’s what makes interiors interesting to us. We love theatre, opera, art, music and fashion. We find inspiration everywhere and we embrace it!