Apps Of The Week (7/9/15)

Apps of the week


Google My Business

“A free and easy way to find and connect with your people, wherever you are” (Google)

Increase your search engine presence through the use of Google My Business, an App created by Google to help small business owners market their business – both within their local vicinity and internationally.

This App enables you to connect directly with your customers when they search for you through Search, Maps or Google +. Broadening your visibility on the web and bringing more customers/clients to your business.

The App also allows you to:

·      Update your business info (on Search, Maps and Google +)

·      Get custom insights and your personal statistics on how many times you turn up on Google (Search, Maps, Google + and more)

·      Instantly read reviews from customers and respond to them through Google My Business

·      Streamline the management of business data

Google has over 1.2 billion unique users a month – grow your business by reaching more of them through Google My Business.



Hours Tracker: Time Sheet and Pay Tracking made easy

Hours Tracker is an App made by Cribasoft, LLC and downloadable in the app store. It simplifies the time keeping of your hours at work. Allowing you to keep track of your time and pay on a daily basis. You can use this app for multiple jobs and edit your time keeping at any moment for pauses, breaks or overtime.

The app will notify you when you arrive and leave work – through the low power location services, which saves any battery drainage.

This app will help you to organise your schedule and your accounts giving you a summary of your time and salary in an easy to navigate and editable system.

This app is used by over 200,000 people, simplifying their personal time and financial management.



Facebook Pages Manager

Essential to businesses who use social media marketing, this Facebook app made by Facebook, Inc allows admins to manage their multiple Facebook pages. The app allows admins to choose from a list to decide, which page they would like to manage and update – it is a similar format to Facebook but exclusively focused on page management.

·      You can post updates and respond to comments as your Page Names

·      Read and reply to private messages sent to your Pages

·      Optional notifications regarding activity on your FB page

·      Latest page insights



PayPal Here: Accept Credit Card Payments Anywhere With PayPal’s Mobile Card Reader

PayPal for iPhone and iPod’s – get paid on the move. Ideal for those who are sent on location a lot for work.  With only 2.7% per US card swipe transaction – an affordable and simplified method of getting paid direct into your account, within minutes, wherever you are in the world.

PayPal is a trusted and respected payment portal with over 169 million accounts worldwide.

The app has several helpful features such as a 24/h helpline, a free card reader when you download the app, the ability to manage your sales history and email customer's receipts directly through the app and many, many more features.



Citrix Receiver

We can’t be everywhere at once so luckily Citrix Systems, Inc has come up with a solution and they have created the Citrix Receiver App, which allows you to access your enterprise files, applications and desktops on the go. This increases your overall productivity levels allowing you to work on the commute, in between meetings and whenever you have a spare minute and need to access your files and desktop.

Designed for iPhone and iPad.