Mobile Video Plays Up 367% - 6 Video Discovery Startups You Need to Know

Mobile Video Plays Up 367% - 6 Video Discovery Startups You Need to Know

According to the Ooyala Global Video Index for the first quarter of 2015 (, video plays on mobile devices have increased by 367% since 2013. This same report estimates that by the end of 2015, more than half of all online video plays will be on smartphones and tablets. With such explosive demand for video content, discovery tools are more crucial than ever.

Image Courtesy of Kapri TV - The first Fashion Television online platform featuring anti-commercialised fashion -

Image Courtesy of Kapri TV - The first Fashion Television online platform featuring anti-commercialised fashion -

YouTube is no longer the only source for those lusting after videos they can consume on their digital device. Live-streaming platforms are multiplying like meerkats on Viagra. Multi-party video communities are attracting brand marketers and social media influencers. Even selfies have been impacted by the growth of mobile video, with video selfies being the latest craze to attract attention. With this torrent of tempting uploads, discovery is critical for those looking to consume content on their mobile device. Entrepreneurs are scrambling to keep up with the demand and are building video discovery interfaces to help satiate the desire for mobile video. For a peek at the video discovery startups sprouting up within this sector, you can check out the following roundup of intriguing additions.


BiggyTV helps you discover videos to watch based upon your interests. Instead of relying on algorithms like YouTube or social recommendations from those in your network, BiggyTV offers video content in channels. Watch anything from video bloggers and news channels to movie trailers and music videos.(


Kapri TV is the first fashion television channel featuring anti-commericialised fashion. Fashion, which has been inspired by art and is in itself a work of art. Kapri TV has been discovering the most talented creatives within the fashion industry. Hosting exclusive interviews with designers, fashion illustrators, fashion photographers. Kapri TV have also been producing a web-series called OneDay, which documents a day in the life of a young creative in the fashion indsutry. Visit their website here


If you like the idea of combining video discovery with live-streaming, Lopeca has your name all over it. This innovative iOS app lets you discover live-streaming videographers based upon location. Connect with users around the globe and carry on real-time video chats. Whether you're planning a business trip to a foreign destination or want to connect with locals in countries on your bucket list, Lopeca makes connections via video easy. (


Currently in the development stage, MoLabs is the latest venture from the team behind MoPub (sold to Twitter). Part video discovery interface and part video distribution tool, MoLabs is focused on building a mobile-first platform for video. If you like discovering powerhouse platforms before they become mainstream, you'll definitely want to keep MoLabs on your radar.(  


LiveApp is building a live video platform connecting artists, venues, and clubs with verified Twitter accounts (blue check mark). Set to launch in late 2015, LiveApp will provide a platform for video seekers to discover live content in real-time.(


StarMaker's platform connects music artists with fans searching for music videos. Discover new artists via the web interface or via StarMaker's iOS or Android mobile app. This startup team is also responsible for The Voice's official On Stage mobile app. Artists can join the StarMaker network, choose from hundreds of songs, and then record and share their performance.(

As you can see from the above-listed startups, entrepreneurs are innovating within the discovery sector in numerous ways. These savvy entrepreneurs are building viable businesses by connecting creators with consumers. Video discovery engines and mobile search tools are just the beginning; expect to see even greater activity in this area as the global smartphone market explodes over the coming years. Who knows; maybe the next big challenge will be video creation and discovery for your wearable device?