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R e g u l a r  F e a t u r e s:  

Our reader needs to be convinced of the value of a product or an organisation and we do this through carefully contemplated editorial features. They value companies that have a powerful vision and a distinct point of view on the world. 

Aim: To support people following an alternative career, finding out how they make it work, the ups and downs of business life and what they have gone through to make their business/career into a success. Our readers are getting first hand information from the founders and can take that away and apply it to their own career. 

S T Y L E   +  W O R K  (L O N D O N) 
We partner with brands to keep our readers up to speed with latest trends
 and innovations. 

F O O D  +  D R I N K (L O N D O N ) 
Interested in latest trends and FMG startups? Looking for a place perfect
for business lunches, laptop work sessions or dinner with friends? 
We have your back. 

D O  (L O N D O N ) 
A to go place to learn about events, talks and new openings as well as
inspirational escape routes when city life becomes too overwhelming.

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Banner Ad (Homepage) 

1 month - £1000

2 months - £1500
2 weeks - £500

1 week - £250 

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S o c i a l  M e d i a  

Bronze £100 4 x per month - Choice of social media platform 

Silver £200 8x per month - Across two social media platforms 

Gold £300 12x per month - Across all social media platforms

A d v e r t o r i a l

Advertorial: 500 words, 3 images, links and social media

A r t   S u b m i s s i o n s

As Londoners, we are so privileged to live in a city, which has such an abundance of art, culture, talent and beauty around every corner. Let's continue to celebrate this...

Homepage Slideshow for up to two weeks + further promotion across all social media platforms:

3 images £100
5 images £150
7 images £175
10 images £200

E v e n t  C o v e r a g e 

If you’re looking for event coverage or promotion we can help you increase your reach through posting the event on our website and throughout our social media platforms. Prices upon request depending on your requirements. Starting price £300

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