Image by Blu Top, ice cream sandwich maker

Image by Blu Top, ice cream sandwich maker

Can you eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner? We can! And we're so incredibly excited to announce London's Ice-Cream Festival brought to you by Yelp's creative team!

First, we had mulled wine treats by the Yelp peeps, no they are brining us an army of ice cream makers -  imagine Thai rolled ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, liquid nitrogen desserts, alcoholic pops (yes, please!), freakshakes, and even sweet flavoured crickets for toppings (seriously), all on an adults-only playground in Islington! And the whole event is FREE and supports the great charity, Islington Play

Where? Lumpy Hill Adventure Playground, 15 Market Road London N7 9PW

When? From: Saturday, 16 Jul 13:00 To: 18:00

Don't forget to RSVP.