5 Must-Have #AppleWatch Apps for Runners

5 Must-Have #AppleWatch Apps for Runners

Contributing Writer : Atticus Cameron

Are you a hardcore running enthusiast? Do you make an effort to get in a run regardless of how busy your schedule is or what city you are in? If you are a running junkie and a tech enthusiast, you might want to consider adding an Apple Watch to your list of sports-related tech toys. There are a growing number of Apple Watch apps available for those in the running community. Here are five intriguing apps you can consider for your wrist wearable:

Image Courtesy of Apple Inc.

Image Courtesy of Apple Inc.

Step Clock

Offered by Bitodi Oy, the Step Clock app provides data tracking for your steps, speed, and distance covered. Monitor your stair-climbing efforts or track your out-of-town business runs on your Apple Watch. This helpful fitness app lets you compare your efforts against previous workouts so you will know if you are gaining speed or slowing down.


Run Tracker

Available from 30 South, the Run Tracker app is a GPS-enabled app that lets you keep track of your run times and mileage. Measure everything from your running speed to your altitude on high-elevation runs. You can view color-coded maps of each of your runs and listen to a voice summary during your cool-down periods.


Run Go

Offered by Leaping Coyote Creative, the Run Go app offers voice summaries of your runs, maps of intriguing running routes around the globe, and data tracking for your completed sessions. This nifty application even lets you create custom run maps on your digital device.



Available from iOS Pedia, the Tracking app lets you monitor everything from your long-distance runs to your cross-country cycling efforts. Monitor your physical fitness efforts on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and view your fitness data on colorful graphs and charts.


Run 5K

Offered by Aleksandar Vacic, the Run 5K is an excellent Apple Watch app if you want to get in shape for a long distance run. Features include motion tracking, run summaries, and route planning. You can use this application to increase your running efforts over time and increase both your running distances and miles per hour.


These are just five of numerous running apps now available for the Apple Watch. Whether you are training for a marathon or just want to improve your jogging times, a fitness app for a wearable device might be all you need to stay motivated. Will you be considering adding an Apple Watch to your running repertoire?